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PC Gaming Controller Alpha Pad GC-400ES » tagasi

Tootja: Nacon
Kategooria: Muu
Soovitatav vanus: 3+

Hind: 89.99 €  


Compatible with all PC games: 2 «Controller» modes for games compatible with DirectInput and XInput technologies. Pro-Gamer: for all games. The controller emulates a keyboard and gaming mouse. Dedicated software will allow you to create and modify your profies by adjusting the button mapping, the sensitivity of the right analogue stick, its response curve and other settings. 4 different profiles can be saved onto the controller. Improved range of movement for the right analogue stick. 4 additional rear action buttons. 8 direction Dpad, created for fihting games. Adjustable controller weight (Weights included) (2x10g / 2x14g and 2x17g). Detachable braided cable with metallic connector. Storage Case included. Windows® 7/8/10 compatible.

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